How a Smoking Cessation Program Can Make the Difference

CIS1If you smoke, you’re probably already familiar with the many risks associated with tobacco use. In addition to causing several types of cancer, lung problems, and birth defects—smoking can also lead to serious cardiovascular problems. This is why quitting, or at least reducing use, is especially important. Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) offers a free smoking cessation program* to help Louisiana residents reduce their tobacco use and potentially quit for good. Find out what makes our program effective, and see how it can help you change your life for the better.
*The Commit to Quit program is free for individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for the LA Smoking Cessation Trust and are currently enrolled in the program.

How Does It Work?

Our Commit to Quit program uses a comprehensive approach to help you stop using tobacco. And we support you through it, each step of the way. Our medical providers can recommend prescription drugs and nicotine replacement to treat nicotine addiction. Additionally, we can also provide patients with a personalized treatment plan in which they set the pace for their care.

Additionally, group and individual therapy sessions are a major part of the program. These sessions help smokers and former smokers begin and continue their tobacco-free journey. Sessions are offered on a customized or case-by-case basis. And they’re a great way to find support from people who truly understand the challenges you may be facing. Group is very beneficial, and we are working diligently to offer small group sessions in the future that will meet the challenges of the pandemic. 

The Commit to Quit smoking cessation program also helps Louisiana residents get the assistance they need with provider visits. Medical evaluations are performed in-clinic. And they can be done either in person or through our virtual care program. From there, we can help you choose a quit date that’s best for you. So you won’t have to worry about quitting day-one. The process can be gradual and personalized to meet your needs.

How Can I Determine If This Program Will Be Free for Me?

The Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust provides financial support for smokers who are ready to quit. But smokers must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible. If you’re a Louisiana resident who smoked a cigarette before September 1, 1988, you are eligible for free services, support, and medication. And these services may be available to you for free through benefits of the Smoking Cessation Trust. But you can also learn what services are available to you through your insurance benefits as well.

Are You Looking for a Smoking Cessation Program in Louisiana?

The risks smokers face increase each day they keep using tobacco. And, while the dangers may be clear, quitting can be a difficult process, especially if you try it on your own. But, with the right treatment and assistance, you can increase your chances of reducing your tobacco use and potentially stopping for good. 

This is why we believe our quit rate is five times higher than the national average. Commit to Quit can provide you with the resources and treatment you need to succeed. To request an appointment, give us a call at 877-288-0011 or schedule a visit online. CIS is ready to help you start living tobacco-free.

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