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We know that tobacco use is harmful to your health for many reasons. According to reports from American Heart Association to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is dangerous to your lungs, heart and overall health. Though many of us know the risks, you may not knowHOW to quit smoking. That’s where we can help. At Cardiovascular Institute of the South, our Commit to Quit smoking cessation program uses a comprehensive approach combining medications and counseling to help you quit for good.

Prevalence of Smoking in Louisiana

According to recent data, more than 20% of adults in Louisiana smoke—that’s higher than the national average. Smoking costs Louisianans more than $1.8 BILLION per year in healthcare costs and $2.49 billion in lost productivity. Relatedly, both Louisiana and Mississippi have some of the highest death rates from heart disease.

Smoking Cessation In Baton Rouge And South Louisiana

Our tobacco cessation program, Commit to Quit, has one of the highest success rates in Louisiana! We believe this is because our program is comprehensive, meaning it combines various resources to ensure your best chance at success.

What’s more, some of these services may be available to you free of charge through benefits of the Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust or the State Quit Line of Mississippi. Commit to Quit offers the following:

  • Preventative Medical Evaluations. Working one-on-one with a healthcare provider, you will develop a customized quit plan to clearly set your reachable goal. Telemedicine (or video) appointments are available.
  • Medications. Some patients may utilize the help of prescription medications and nicotine replacements to ease their addiction. These will be administered and monitored by your doctor.
  • Supportive Counseling Sessions. Support services are available individually or in a group setting, with the option of meeting in-person or over the phone. Choose the support that works best for you.

Quitting Smoking Worked For Them—It Can Work For You, Too!

We understand how daunting quitting smoking can seem. That’s why it’s important to know that you’re not in this alone! In your smoking cessation journey, you’ll have your medical providers, your Tobacco Treatment Specialists, and counseling group members. Here are just two of our recent success stories:

  • After 37 years of smoking, Roger in Thibodeaux committed to quitting for good. As an actor and seasonal Santa Clause, he wanted to improve his health as well as his interactions with the community. He worked with a CIS Tobacco Treatment Counselor and use cessation medication for only one week. Having been smoke-free for more than seven months, he’s now embracing the physical—and financial—benefits.
  • Janean talks about how CIS’s Commit to Quit program has transformed her life and made her feel like a new person. The program gave her the confidence to move forward and never look back.

Get Started Today!

Let us help you commit to quit! Cardiovascular Institute of the South has 20 locations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. To begin, fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 1-866-885-3509. Learn more about how our smoking cessation program can work for you.

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