Social Distancing: Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and Strong at Home

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Our day-to-day lives look a little different right now. Aside from trips to the grocery store or the doctor, there may be little else you do outside of your home. For the time being, social distancing and containment measures for coronavirus mean we no longer have readily available access to places once largely involved in our health. Parks, gyms and many stores are no longer able to provide the services they did mere days ago. With weeks (or more) looming before us, it’s important to find alternative ways we can maintain healthy lives until our routines can regain some sense of normalcy. That means picking up some new habits and making some adjustments to our normal schedules. Here are a few tips and resources to help you get started.

Prepare Healthy Meals at Home

Fortunately, despite the many restrictions that are currently in place, healthy food options are still easily accessible. While hours are shortened and dine-in is no longer an option, grocery shopping, to-go orders and delivery of food continues.  Still, as we continue to socially distance ourselves, you may be reluctant to go pick up food or walk through the store.  In that case, consider a grocery pick up or delivery service and find healthy recipes to prepare at home.  A quick Google search for heart healthy dishes can lead you to many great options, including some from the American Heart Association.

Develop a Home Workout Routine

If you’re accustomed to working out in a gym or attending a group exercise class, COVID-19 is likely having a major impact on our typical exercise habits.  It can be difficult to make the switch when you aren’t used to working out from home, but these workouts can be just as effective and fun! Options to stay active can include walking, running, bike riding and even hiking as long as you maintain a 6-foot distance between yourself and others.  Don’t have any equipment?  Don’t worry!  Body weight exercises like squats, push-ups and lunges are great muscle and endurance builders while practices such as yoga can increase strength and flexibility.  Even if you aren’t sure how to put it all together, you can find free classes through YouTube or paid subscriptions from streaming services like Beachbody On Demand.

Use Virtual Medical Care When Possible

Most medical practices are continuing to see patients in-office while offering virtual appointments as well.  For over 5 years, Cardiovascular Institute of the South has been leading the charge for virtual care in cardiology, a service that is needed now more than ever.  Patients with existing heart conditions are among the most vulnerable populations for COVID-19 and being able to consult with their physician from the safety of their own home is vitally important.  Using the CIS Virtual Care Center, patients can connect with physicians as well as remotely monitor their condition.

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