CIS is First in New Iberia to Use New Technology to Remove Blood Clots in Heart, Lungs & Legs

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NEW IBERIA- Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) interventional cardiologists, Dr. Ujjwal Rastogi and Dr. Bose Cheeran, are the first to use the Indigo® Aspiration Systems to remove blood clots in the heart, lungs and legs at Iberia Medical Center.

Manufactured by Penumbra, these aspiration systems– the Indigo CATRX® for the heart and the Indigo Lightning12® for the lungs and legs– are intelligent mechanical devices that use innovative technology for the physician to navigate a powerful “vacuum” in a blocked artery or vein to extract blood clots. This reduces the need for clot-dissolving drugs, as well as lowers the risk of surgical complications and improves outcomes for each patient.

Rastogi-web“These aspiration systems are a breakthrough for patients with blockages,” said Dr. Rastogi. “This advanced technology effectively removes even the toughest of clots, reducing the need for patients to use clot-dissolving drugs moving forward and improving quality of life.”


“Patients with blood clots now have another option in their care with a lower surgical risk,” said Dr. Cheeran. “This is the latest advancement in clot-removal technology and it makes a big difference for our patients here in New Iberia.”


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