CIS is First to Use New ASD Closure Device at BRG

First ASD Closure at BRGFrom Left to Right: Evelynne Zatta RN, Ben Schuler RN, Christopher Sheppard RN, Niksad Abraham MD, Shiraz Kay RN, Lisa Diambrosio RN and Wyatt Stewart RT. 

BATON ROUGE— Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) interventional cardiologist Dr. Niksad Abraham was the first to use the AMPLATZERTM Septal Occluder device for the closure of atrial septal defects at Baton Rouge General.

The AMPLATZER device is used in a non-invasive procedure to close a common congenital heart defect called atrial septal defect, which refers to a hole in the wall that separates the two upper chambers of the heart. This hole increases the amount of blood that flows through the lungs which, over time, can damage the blood vessels in the lungs. In some cases, these holes may close on their own or may be small, without a need for treatment. However, this depends on the patient’s symptoms, and a procedure may be necessary to correct the condition.

csm_amplatzer-asd_0de280917bThe AmplatzerTM Septal Occluder has a wide connecting waist that centers the device to fill the hole in the heart. This occluder—offering the widest range of ASD sizes—can treat defects from 3 mm to 38 mm. The device also features specially-designed discs to be placed on each side of the defect, a thin polyester material that promotes occlusion and tissue growth, and the ability to be recaptured and redeployed for precise placement.

This device offers many benefits to patients, including a quicker recovery time. “By using this minimally-invasive technique to close a hole in a patient’s heart, a patient can go home the same day of their procedure,” said Dr. Abraham. CIS’s mission is to provide the highest-quality cardiovascular care available, bringing patients the latest devices and techniques for the best outcomes possible.

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