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A Comprehensive Overview of PAD

PAD_Cover_Thick.jpgWhen you think of blocked arteries, it’s likely that the heart comes to mind. But, while these arteries are vitally important, the heart only represents one portion of the body where arterial hardening and blockages may occur. In patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), hardening of arteries occurs outside of the heart, most commonly in the legs. And, just as clogged arteries in the heart raise the risk of suffering a cardiovascular event, so does PAD.

Our PAD Patient Guide is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of Peripheral Arterial Disease. The guide provides information on everything related to PAD-- causes, symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and statistics. 



This PAD Patient Guide contains the following:

  • A PAD Overview
  • Causes of PAD
  • Risk Factors of PAD
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of PAD

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