PAD Treatment in Houma 

Cardiovascular Institute of the South was founded in 1983 in Houma, Louisiana by Dr. Craig WalkerDriven by a desire to serve and heal people in his community, Dr. Walker envisioned CIS as a leader in the development of new techniques and technologies in the treatment of both coronary and peripheral artery diseases. 

CIS physicians are world-renowned for pioneering advanced treatment options to treat PAD and prevent amputations. Many people lose limbs each year due to peripheral arterial blockage, but we believe that early diagnosis and treatment can prevent disability and save limbs and lives. Through the development of non-surgical treatments and the advancements of leading edge of technology, patients can be assured that each case is thoroughly reviewed and all available treatment options are considered.

PAD Specialist in Houma

PAD is a common and treatable disease, but it is often unrecognized as its main symptom of leg cramps is regarded by many as an inevitable consequence of aging. Ultimately, PAD can reduce mobility and be fatal if left untreated. Generating awareness of PAD will help in the early detection and diagnosis of PAD in Houma, Thibodaux, and the entire South Louisiana region.

If your symptoms or medical history indicate a possibility of PAD, speak to an experienced cardiologist about your concerns.  If testing confirms the condition, a plan of care can be developed and non-invasive treatment methods may be available to help reduce the impact of the disease on your life and health.  We have listed our Houma & Thibodaux PAD specialists below for your reference.

 PAD Appointment