July 19, 2018

Dear patient,

          Thank you for entrusting your healthcare to CIS, our physicians, and staff. CIS is notifying all of our patients that may be on the medication known as Valsartan.  On Sunday July 15th the FDA issued a statement regarding a voluntary recall of the generic medication Valsartan made by certain pharmaceutical companies. Many CIS patients are taking a form of Valsartan. Since not all Valsartan medications are being recalled, your pharmacy is the first line of contact to confirm if your medication is part of the recall. If your medication is part of the recall, please call your local CIS office and an alternative medication will be recommended.  Please do not stop taking your medications until an alternative medication is ordered on your behalf.

         As always, CIS wishes to provide excellent care to you, our patients. If you have already been transitioned to a new medication please disregard this message. For more information please read the following online article by clicking the button below:


Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.



CIS Physicians and Staff