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Effective Treatment for Small Veins and Lesions

For those suffering from spider veins and telangiectasia, these venous issues can have a negative impact on their self-confidence. The VeinGogh treatment may be ideal for a candidate with spider veins that are too small to be treated with more intensive options. 

Learn more about this gentle treatment option for varicose veins with the vein experts at Cardiovascular Institute of The South. 

How It Works

VeinGogh utilizes microburst radiofrequency technology to treat varicose and telangiectasia clusters. This minimally invasive treatment option begins by cleansing the injection area before an extremely fine needle is used to penetrate the targeted skin around the targeted veins. The solution is not injected it into the targeted vein, but into the surrounding areas. Using microburst heat damages the vein walls, which causes them to seal, and collapse, triggering the body to naturally absorb the veins over time. While this is happening, the blood is redirected to healthier blood vessels and capillaries.

Expected Results

It may take a few days or weeks to see the desired result. This is because the speed at which veins are absorbed may vary depending on the patient. Many patients receive the desired results within one treatment, but in most cases, two to three sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. Once treatment is complete, the varicose vein should be eliminated.

Am I a Candidate?

VeinGogh is often the preferred treatment method for sensitive areas of the body because the natural absorption process is gentler when compared to some other treatment options. The smaller the veins, the more appropriate and effective this treatment option may be. It is also a preferred option for individuals suffering from certain skin-based conditions. This is because it causes very minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

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