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At CIS, we foster an inclusive culture that encourages and celebrates the diverse voices of everyone who steps through our doors.

Our culture values and recognizes each person’s unique contribution to our success, and empowers our team to connect, belong and grow.

This passion and purpose fuels our innovation and brings us together, connecting us in ways that make us stand out.

CIS is committed to offering education, enhance awareness, and provide equitable opportunities for all by fostering a safe and inclusive environment filled with support and allyship.

Our Pledge to Employees:                                                                 

  1. Connect: To provide education on diverse cultures and minority groups to increase knowledge.
  2. Belong: To encourage open communication and trust for the discussion of concerns, issues and different perspectives without consequence.
  3. Grow: To promote a culture with equitable opportunities for growth.

Our Pledge to Patients:

  1. Connect: To offer equitable cardiovascular care where our staff embraces all cultural and ethnic groups.
  2. Belong: To foster a positive and welcoming environment where all patients feel accepted.
  3. Grow: To provide the highest-quality cardiovascular care available to all through advanced technology and compassion.

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