What Causes These Small Veins to Form?

Small veins that appear on the legs, chest, or face are called spider veins. These thin, weblike veins are caused by issues with blood flow through the valves of your veins. When too much pressure is placed on the vein or the vein is damaged, blood can back up and pool in the vein. This causes the veins to appear more pigmented and become visible under the surface of your skin.

Unlike large and bulging varicose veins that can cause soreness, itchiness, or heaviness in the legs, spider veins are often far less severe. But, while these small veins may only seem a cosmetic concern, they may also indicate the need for medical treatment.

Prevention Methods

Age, weight, and lifestyle habits may increase one’s risk of developing spider veins. To prevent spider veins from forming, we recommend our patients maintain healthy daily practices, including engaging in non-strenuous physical activity and eating a balanced, nutritious diet. Compression socks and stockings can also improve blood flow in the lower legs and ankles by applying gentle pressure to the veins.

Visiting a vein specialist aids in both the treatment and prevention of spider veins. From helping identify signs of venous insufficiency to diagnosing underlying issues, a professional in vein health can help you protect against cosmetic and health concerns.

Treatment for Spider Veins

Erasing spider veins can be done quickly and simply with just a few in-office appointments. Sclerotherapy utilizes liquid injections that seal off the damaged veins. After a skilled provider injects this solution into the affected vein, blood flow will be directed into other healthy, functioning veins. The spider veins will then be absorbed into the body and vanish from the skin’s surface.

Several injection treatments may be necessary to reach the desired outcome. Sclerotherapy treatments are virtually pain-free and do not require downtime following the appointment. Reach out to the Leg & Vein Center today to learn more about this procedure!

Making Spider Veins a Thing of the Past

For cosmetic corrections or to monitor the health of your veins, schedule a visit to the Cardiovascular Institute of the South Leg & Vein Center. Our experts diagnose and treat a variety of venous issues to help you prevent venous disease and erase surface-level concerns. Consult with our professionals to learn more about vein care, prevention, and more.

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