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Registered Nurse CareerAs long as the human race has existed, so too have caretakers. These individuals are unique in their compassion and unparalleled in their commitment. They are skilled, eager to help, and dedicated to the wellbeing of all who surround them. Today, we call them nurses.

By design, nurses are different than most. When others run away from danger, injury, and illness, nurses run toward it, looking for a way to heal. They dedicate tireless hours not only to patients but to their education as well, continually striving to offer the best level of care possible. And, in return, many ask only for a workplace that matches their level of commitment and values the incredible skill and service that they provide. That’s what you’ll find when you establish a career as an LPN at Cardiovascular Institute of the South.

At CIS, nurses are among the most integral parts of our team and are key to helping us uphold the core values outlined in our mission statement. These values are not only a representation of who we are, but they are the standards to which we hold ourselves. They also serve as great advantages for anyone dedicated to a career in healthcare, as they provide the opportunity to grow and leave a lasting impact in the community.

Today, as we look to fill openings for LPNs, we look to these five values as both a defining set of principles and an incredible list of benefits for our newest team members:

1. Education - Nurses who work in a specialized field like cardiology have the opportunity to become experts in the entire cardiovascular system. This expertise can help impact the practice, provide additional educational outreach, and influence healthcare outcomes. One of the key components of the CIS mission is education and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge, and the registered nurse who joins our team will be a part of this bold pursuit.

2. Technology – At CIS, part of the mission is a pledge to technological superiority. Nurses at CIS are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and treatment methods. Because nursing today is a mix of high-touch and high-tech, working for a practice that embraces technology enhances the ability to provide quality patient care.

3. Communication – Another critical component in the CIS mission is communication. Nothing is more important than our appreciation and compassion for each and every patient we serve, and clear communication is key. Registered Nurses at CIS work with individuals from all walks of life, and one of the best ways to provide comfort and build trust is through consistent communication.

4. Research – CIS is committed to research to creating the next generation of techniques and technologies. While nurses may not be involved directly in these research projects, the likelihood that their careers will be touched and advanced by these research initiatives is highly likely. Wouldn’t you rather work for a company who is on the cutting-edge of medical advancements? You can at CIS.

5. Compassion – As it states in our mission, CIS strives to provide the best possible medical results with the least possible discomfort. Truly possessing the compassion and empathy for what a patient is experiencing is a gift possessed by the most successful of healthcare professionals. Compassion outlives the science and numbers of medicine, and it ultimately helps us all become a better professionals and people.

Are you a licensed practical nurse, contemplating your next step? If so, you have an important decision to make. Do you want a job, or do you want to build a brighter future for yourself by investing in a career? If your answer is the latter, then we want to talk.

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