Dr. Bart Denys on the Importance of Prevention

Heart checkups should be a part of your wellness plan even if you are healthy. CIS interventional cardiologist Bart Denys, MD shares his thoughts on the importance of prevention.

Why are heart checkups important?

"As an interventional cardiologist, I put stents in and I see patients with heart attacks. While I'm taking care of them, I always think what would have happened if I would have seen them 10 years earlier and could have prevented that event."

"We change the oil in our cars. We understand this small intervention up front means we will enjoy the life of that car for much longer. Why don't we do this for our own life?" 

"To have a long and healthy life, we must assess what we have now. Find the problem before it finds you. We have the tools to see what your risk is. Then with that knowledge, we make a plan that includes what changes need to be made for you to lower your risk, extend your life, and hopefully never need to see me in the hospital."

When should I see a cardiologist?

"I want to see you before you have symptoms. Look at your own family history. You should see a cardiologist at least 10 years before the age when your parents experienced cardiac events." 

What if I don't have any risk factors?

"You still need to see a cardiologist. Maybe not at age 30, but maybe at age 50. I typically want to see women by age 50 and men by age 40 if you have no other risk factors. You may be doing great. But you may have a symptoms that you do not realize. Never be afraid to come and see me. I would much rather say you're fine than miss an event that can cost you your life."

The Takeaway

Knowing your risk factors and maintaining visits with your cardiologist are some of the best ways to ensure your ticker stays in tip-top shape.

Now is the time to see a cardiologist. Schedule an appointment today with a CIS cardiologist near you. 

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