Phreesia Streamlines Patient Registration at CIS

phreesiaAsk just about anyone, and they will acknowledge that proactively monitoring and maintaining their health is vitally important.  However, if you follow that question by inquiring how frequently they see their physician, you are likely to get a response that seems in direct conflict.  Surveys reveal that over 40 percent of men only go to the doctor when they believe that there is a serious problem, and despite heart disease being the number one health threat to women, only about 40 percent have had an assessment of their heart health.  Why the gap?  In many cases, it simply comes down to time.

From taking time away from work to sitting in a waiting room to filling out paperwork, going to the doctor can be a time-consuming process that many would simply rather avoid.  Unfortunately, that also means that vital aspects of health care, including diagnosis of new conditions and maintenance of existing ones can slip through the cracks, creating even greater problems down the road.  In an effort to address these concerns and encourage more patients to attend to their cardiovascular health, CIS has begun to implement a new program across our various locations known as Phreesia.

What is Phreesia?

Phreesia is a software registration company that provides services to streamline the patient intake process for medical practices across various sectors.  By allowing patients to pre-register for their upcoming doctor visit up to five days in advance, the system not only reduces patient wait time and paperwork the day of the appointment, it also helps improve front desk processes and ensures accuracy of patient information.

What can You Expect from Phreesia at CIS?

The Phreesia system is already live across several CIS locations, and the rollout will continue throughout 2018 until all clinics are included.  With this new system, patients will receive a text or email five days before their scheduled appointment with a link to complete registration.  Additionally, Phreesia tablets and kiosks will be located in lobbies for quick and convenient check-in, and representatives will be available to assist in the process. 

In addition to streamlining the registration and check-in processes, the Phreesia system will also offer patients the ability to:

  • Easily make payments at check-in
  • Set up automatic payments for existing balances
  • Make online payments through mobile devices and tablets

At CIS, we believe in not only providing the best possible cardiovascular care but also in keeping our patient experience as simple as possible.  While we may not be able to eliminate the entire time commitment of going to the doctor, we can certainly take steps to make your visit as efficient and seamless as possible.  Phreesia is simply one of those steps, and it is one that we hope you find useful.  Have questions about this new platform?  Contact us by phone, or ask us during your next visit.  We are always happy to help.

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