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Are varicose veins impacting your life? You may find yourself thinking about them before deciding where to go or what to wear. But you should not let varicose veins keep you from enjoying the things you love.

Cardiovascular Institute of the South offers a variety of varicose vein treatments in the Baton Rouge area for those in need. And our skilled and experienced team is ready to find the treatment that is right for you. Whether the problem is cosmetic or something more severe, we are ready to help. Learn more about the causes of varicose veins as well as some of the treatments CIS provides.

What Are Varicose Veins?

If you’ve noticed large, protruding veins in your legs that twist and turn, you may be suffering from varicose veins. This condition can also occur in other areas of the body, but it appears most commonly in the legs. To be sure, schedule a visit with your cardiologist for a proper diagnosis.

When we stand or walk, gravity puts added pressure on the veins in the lower body. And if the valves in our veins become damaged or weakened due to that pressure, varicose veins can form. Poorly functioning valves prevent the veins from efficiently circulating blood. Once this happens, blood can build up in the veins, causing them to become enlarged and misshapen.

Everyone’s Experience Is Different

For many people, varicose veins may seem like a cosmetic problem. But others can experience more severe symptoms, such as aching, itching, swelling, and cramping. And the disease can progress and worsen over time. Heat can also increase the severity of the symptoms, making diagnosis and treatment especially important for people living in warmer climates.

The look of varicose veins doesn’t always line up with the pain or discomfort they can bring. For some, large varicose veins may not cause physical discomfort. But varicose veins that can barely be seen may cause more severe symptoms for others. Every case is different, and a diagnosis from an experienced CIS medical professional is the first step toward addressing your varicose vein issues.

How Varicose Vein Treatment Can Help

Sometimes diet and lifestyle changes are enough to keep varicose vein issues under control. But there are also times when medical treatment is needed to provide relief. The following treatments are used to address mild-to-severe venous issues.

  • Endovenous Laser Therapy — With this minimally invasive procedure, a laser fiber is inserted into the vein. This fiber then heats the vein to close it up.
    • Phlebectomy — This is when a varicose vein is surgically removed with a needle or small scalpel. The process is minimally invasive.
    • Radiofrequency Ablation — In this nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedure, an electrical current is produced by a radio wave to seal the vein.
    • Sclerotherapy - With sclerotherapy, medicine is injected into the vein to shrink its size. This method is nonsurgical, but it often requires a series of treatments for maximum effectiveness.
    • Varithena — Varithena is another minimally invasive treatment in which PEM foam is injected to ultimately close a targeted vein.
  • VeingoghThis procedure addresses cosmetic varicose vein issues using radiofrequency energy. Like sclerotherapy, a series of treatments may be needed for best results.
  • Venaseal — With this treatment, a small amount of specially formulated medical adhesive is injected into the vein, effectively closing it off.

Do You Need Varicose Vein Treatment in Baton Rouge?

If you don’t like the way your varicose veins look or if they are causing you pain, CIS offers treatments that can help. Call 225-308-0247 to schedule a consultation with a varicose vein treatment specialist at our Baton Rouge location, or visit our locations page to find a CIS specialist near you. Like many of life’s problems, waiting can make varicose vein issues worse. Prioritize your health and schedule an appointment today.

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