What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking [INFOGRAPHIC]

By now, most are aware of what can happen to your body if you smoke.  Your risk for a number of serious health concerns increases dramatically, including lung cancer and heart disease.  Understanding these potential health dangers are high on the list for many smokers who wish to quit.  However, not only does quitting smoking stop such health risks from progressing, it actually begins to reverse many of them over time.  In fact, by the time a former smoker reaches 10 years of living tobacco free, his/her risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half and the risk of stroke is the same as someone who has never smoked at all. 

Take a look at the infographic below to discover the incredible ways your body begins to heal when you stop smoking.  Then, contact Cardiovascular Institute of the South to find out how our Commit to Quit smoking cessation program can help you beat the habit once and for all.


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