Patients with COVID Symptoms or Exposure: 

If you are scheduled for an appointment or procedure with CIS, and you are 1) having symptoms of COVID or 2) have had high-risk exposure (vaccinated or not vaccinated), please call your local clinic to be rescheduled. You will be rescheduled at least 10 days passed your date of exposure or start of symptoms.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID, please be sure you are asymptomatic for at least 72 hours prior to attending your appointment. 


COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Please note that CIS is not providing the COVID-19 vaccine for patients. 
Visit these links for a list of vaccine distribution locations: Louisiana Vaccine Locations | Mississippi Vaccine Locations

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, CIS wants to assure our patients and community that it is important to continue cardiovascular care and not ignore any symptoms you may be having.

Your health and safety is important to us and our staff is trained to provide you with a safe experience. Here’s how we are protecting you:

  • CIS is following all CDC guidelines outlined for cleaning of patient exam rooms, waiting rooms, and diagnostic equipment.
  • CIS has a rigorous program in place to assure that our employees remain healthy and safe to care for patients at all times.
  • CIS has an established Covid-19 Task Force made up of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Administrators that monitor local and national Covid-19 data
  • Our facilities are safe and being monitored on an ongoing basis.
Before coming in for an appointment, please alert us if you: 
  • are currently experiencing respiratory or flu-like symptoms
  • have been in close contact with someone who has these symptoms
  • have had nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea in the last five days
  • have had a sudden loss of smell or taste
  • have a close family member that has been hospitalized in the last seven days

If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) and have an appointment to see a CIS physician, please call the clinic in advance of your visit for additional instructions.


For additional resources, visit:

Louisiana Department of Health    |    Mississippi Department of Health    |    Center for Disease Control