At Cardiovascular Institute of the South, we understand
the importance of awareness, prevention, education and
lifestyle management for both cardiac and vascular disease.
Particularly, we recognize the need for a woman-focused
program to bring to light specific risks and symptoms that
women should know.


Cardiovascular Conditions for Women


Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Women


Cardiovascular Symptoms in Women


Cardiovascular Screenings for Women
With better awareness and proper screenings, women’s outcomes will improve. Take care of yourself and don’t ignore your symptoms. We are hopeful that, with our expert female cardiologists, women in our communities have improved access and comfort in seeking cardiovascular care.

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Dr. Jennifer Rodriguez

Meridian, MS
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Dr. Arti Singh

Crowley & Lafayette, LA
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Dr. Charisse Ward

Baton Rouge, LA
All of our CIS physicians are committed to women’s cardiovascular health. Click here for a full list of our physicians.