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Dr. Craig Walker delivers a presentation with a smile at the New Cardiovascular Horizons conference in New Orleans.

April 10, 2024

Register for the 25th Annual New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference

Dr. Craig Walker delivering a speech at a lectern

June 15, 2023

New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference Brings More than 1320 to New Orleans

A black and white photo of Dr. Craig Walker with the words "Making a Difference in Cardiology Since 1983" in the top left corner

August 15, 2019

CIS Saves Hearts & Lives in South Louisiana for 36 Years

Marking two decades of excellence, the 20th annual conference of the Cardiovascular Institute of the South's New Cardiovascular Horizons (NCVH) takes center stage, celebrating years of advancements

May 17, 2019

Premier Cardiovascular Conference Founded by Dr. Craig Walker Celebrates 20 Years

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