CIS Brings Telecardiology to Olla, Louisiana

DrSolet-TelecardiologyOLLA, LA– A new partnership between Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) and Hardtner Medical Center is bringing telecardiology services to the town of Olla and surrounding communities, offering patients the opportunity to receive world-class cardiovascular care from their local hospital, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

As a part of this partnership, cardiologists at Cardiovascular Institute of the South, based in south Louisiana, will provide 24/7 consultation for patients in the emergency room and for patients already admitted to Hardtner Medical Center. They are able to conduct a full interview and even use a digital stethoscope to listen to heart sounds, allowing them to make thorough examinations and treat patients remotely. This means the highest-quality cardiovascular care for patients without the need for transfers to larger hospitals.

Telecardiology is a form of telemedicine that connects patients to an offsite cardiologist through digital communication, such as a telehealth robot. Telecardiology creates a unique patient experience, allowing patients to see a cardiovascular specialist at a remote hospital without leaving their community.

“Telemedicine is transforming healthcare,” said CIS CEO David Konur. “This partnership will enhance the cardiovascular services available at the hospital, and our cardiologists will bring world-class care to patients in Olla by meeting them where they are.”

“We are so excited to be able to add telecardiology services to our growing list of specialties,” said Paul G. Mathews, CEO of Hardtner Medical Center. “Cardiovascular Institute of the South’s expertise matched with Hardtner’s superior emergency medical care will provide the quick response that is needed when it comes to issues with the heart. In having cardiology services available to our emergency physicians as well as consultation for our hospital in-patients, exceptional care close to home can truly be accomplished.”

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