CIS Cardiologists Are First to Use New Opsens Wire

image1-_resized__contentimage@2x-811602-edited.jpgZACHARY Drs. Deepak Thekkoott, Mrugesh Soni, and Charles Thompson, interventional cardiologists at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), are the first in the state to use the Opsens OptoWire One at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary.

This device is designed for the diagnosis of the severity of lesions from coronary artery disease.  It focuses mainly on the measure of fractional flow reserve (FFR) in interventional cardiology.  Opsens offers an advanced optical-based pressure guidewire (OptoWire) that aims at improving the clinical outcome of patients with coronary artery disease.  FFR can accurately identify lesions responsible for ischemia which, in many cases, would have been undetected or not correctly assessed by imaging technologies.

“Opsens is a new pressure wire with the most advanced optical opsens-cable-2__contentimage@2x.jpgtechnology, and the system offers the best available care to our patients in the cath lab,” said Dr. Thekkoott.  “Here at Lane, we were chosen as the first in the state and as one of the first in the country to utilize this technology to treat our patients.”

Various clinical studies demonstrate that the lesion assessment by FFR to guide routine interventions is superior to current angiography guided treatment.

"This wire is the cutting edge with regards to the ability to be advanced through torturous lesions like nothing else on the market,” said Eric Rome, cath lab director for CIS at Lane.


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