CIS is First in Baton Rouge to Use Ensite™ X EP System to Treat Arrythmias


Pictured from left to right are: Jeremy Martone, RN; Chad Clement, RT; Christie Dean, Abbott; Dr. Robert Drennan; Dr. Ryan Gullatt; Michael Herin, RN; and Tyler Mixon, Abbott.

BATON ROUGE – Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is the first in the Baton Rouge region to use the EnSite™ X EP System for the treatment of cardiac arrythmias. Electrophysiologists Drs. Robert Drennan and Ryan Gullatt were the first to use this new high-definition system at Baton Rouge General.

The EnSite™ X EP System manufactured by Abbott uses EnSite Omnipolar Technology (OT) to produce highly-detailed three-dimensional maps of the heart. Designed with input from electrophysiologists around the world, this new cardiac mapping platform helps physicians to identify and treat the areas of the heart where irregular or abnormal rhythms originate.

Abbott EnSite X product image

Photo Courtesy of Abbott

“This new technology allows us to better treat complex arrythmias,” said Dr. Drennan. “With the accuracy and clarity of the images, physicians are able to precisely identify the areas of the heart that need to be targeted with ablation to treat the arrythmia.”

In cardiac ablations, physicians deliver radiofrequency energy or extreme heat or cold to the tissue to eliminate the problem cells and restore normal heart rhythm.

7 map emphasis with Abbott EnSite X transparent

Photo Courtesy of Abbott

“Overall, this new technology means better outcomes for our patients with irregular or abnormal heart rhythms, and we are proud to offer it at CIS and Baton Rouge General,” said Dr. Gullatt.

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