CIS is First in Baton Rouge to Use ROTAPRO Technology

Rotapro BR-1

Pictured from left to right are Stewart McCall (Boston Scientific), Doni Guidry, Garland Green MD, Steve Elliot RN, Daryl Stepp RCIS, Kelley Hoffmann RT, Ben Schuler RN and Chris Sheppard RN.

BATON ROUGE- Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is the first in the Baton Rouge region to use the ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy System by Boston Scientific to treat coronary artery disease. CIS interventional cardiologist Dr. Garland Green was the first to perform the procedure on July 30 at Baton Rouge General.

ROTAPRO™ is a rotational atherectomy system that provides physicians with the most effective mechanism of action for treating calcified lesions on an easy-to-use platform. In this catheter-based interventional  procedure, a high-speed rotational device is used to ablate or erode the plaque and calcium, restoring the open vessel and preparing it for stenting.

The ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy System is the only device to combine the gold standard rotational atherectomy with an easy-to-use platform, designed to reduce both setup and procedural time. “This procedure is ideal for patients who have heavily calcified lesions, specifically for those lesions that don’t respond to traditional balloons and stents,” explained Dr. Green. “We are proud to be able to offer this new technology for our patients with coronary artery disease.”

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