CIS is First in Baton Rouge to Use SMART Radianz Stent to Treat Peripheral Artery Disease

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Pictured from left to right are Josh Jones, RT, Dr. Satish Gadi, Claire Goynes RT, and Steven Saale, Cath Lab Director. 

BATON ROUGE – Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is the first in Baton Rouge to use the SMART Radianz stent by Cordis to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the legs. The first procedure was performed on February 8 by Dr. Satish Gadi, CIS interventional cardiologist, at Baton Rouge General (BRG).

The SMART Radianz stent, which is a part of Cordis’ Radianz Radial Peripheral System, is the first and only radial length stent FDA-approved for treatment of iliac lesions located in the pelvis. It is also indicated for use in the superficial femoral artery, located at the top of the thigh, and extending proximal popliteal arteries. The Radianz Radial Peripheral System™ is purposely engineered for radial access, which is proven to produce fewer vascular complications and higher patient satisfaction than femoral approaches.

“Now we have this incredible capability to go from your wrist all the way to the toes to treat blockages,” explained Dr. Gadi. “The Radianz Smart Stents are designed to be used from the wrist to treat blockages in the legs and present yet another tool to treat peripheral artery disease in a safe, effective, and convenient manner to our patients. Patients can literally get up and walk off the table after a procedure like this.”

CIS founder Dr. Craig Walker was the first in Louisiana and second in the country to use the entire Radianz portfolio, and the CIS Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray, Louisiana is a Center of Excellence for Cordis for this portfolio as well.

PAD affects more than 12 million people in the United States by preventing blood flow to the legs and feet, causing significant pain and limited mobility, and potentially leading to surgery or even amputation in severe cases. Symptoms of PAD in the legs include: pain or cramping after activity, numbness, coldness, sores or ulcers that won’t heal, discoloration, hair loss, shiny skin or a weak pulse.

Learn more about this technology here. To read more about PAD, click here. To schedule an appointment at CIS in Baton Rouge, call 225-308-0247 or click below. 


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