CIS is First in La to Use New Technology to Remove Blood Clots

Indigo Aspiration Catheter

Pictured from left to right are BreAnn Rogers R.T., Shiraz Kay RN, Michael Herin RN, Kelley Hoffmann R.T., Dr. Satish Gadi, Rayne Hurley R.T. and John LeSage RN.

BATON ROUGE – Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is the first in Louisiana to use the Indigo® CAT RX Aspiration Catheter in a coronary intervention.  The minimally-invasive procedure was performed by Dr. Satish Gadi, CIS interventional cardiologist, at Baton Rouge General Medical Center.

The Indigo® System CAT RX Aspiration Catheter, manufactured by Penumbra, is a mechanical device that uses innovative technology to allow physicians to navigate a powerful “vacuum” in a blocked artery to extract blood clots.  This can reduce the need for clot-dissolving drugs, lower the risk of surgical complications and improve patient outcomes.

“This catheter has previously been used in the legs and in the brain, however it is now specially-designed and approved for use in the coronary arteries of the heart,” explained Dr. Gadi.  “It provides an unmatched, strong and continuous suction force to enable aspiration of even the toughest clots in the coronaries.”

Click here to learn more about Dr. Satish Gadi. To reach CIS in Baton Rouge, call 225-308-0247.


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