CIS is First in Louisiana to Use AVEIR™ Leadless Pacemaker

First in State Aveir VR Leadless PacemakerPictured from left to right are Mike Fernald, Abbott; Jim Overholt, Abbott; Beji George, Abbott; Marc Leber, Abbott; Dr. Robert Drennan, CIS electrophysiologist; Josh Jones RT; Wyatt Stewart RT; and Brandi Boren RN, NP.

BATON ROUGE– Dr. Robert Drennan, electrophysiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), is the first in Louisiana to use the Abbott Aveir™ VR Leadless Pacemaker to treat abnormal heart rhythm. The procedure took place in the catheterization laboratory at Baton Rouge General Medical Center on July 15.

A leadless pacemaker a small, battery-powered device with no wires that sends mild, painless electrical signals to the heart to keep it in regular rhythm. Manufactured by Abbott, the Aveir™ Leadless Pacemaker (LP) is the next evolution in leadless technology that has been designed for chronic retrieval using a dedicated retrieval catheter. At just 38mm and smaller than a AAA battery, the Aveir™ LP features twice the projected battery life at 10.3 years and brings fewer lead-related complications compared to transvenous pacemakers with wires. It also offers mapping capability prior to fixation to help reduce the number of repositioning attempts, and provides an expandable platform to later support a dual chamber pacing system, once regulatory approved.Aveir VR Leadless Pacemaker

“We want our patients to not only live longer, but better,” said Dr. Drennan. “This device offers many advantages to patients in need of a pacemaker, with fewer post-implant restrictions and no lead-related complications to give them a better quality of life moving forward. It also gives the patient and the physician the ability to upgrade as technology continues to advance.”

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