CIS is First in Louisiana to Use New Device System to Treat Vascular Disease

Truvic First Use at OGHS-1Pictured are Mark Spiers with Truvic Medical and Dr. Kalyan Veerina, CIS interventional cardiologist.

OPELOUSAS, LA– Dr. Kalyan Veerina, interventional cardiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), is the first in the state to use the Prodigy™ thrombectomy system at Opelousas General Health System (OGHS) to open blockages in the arteries of the legs.

The Prodigy™ thrombectomy system by TRUVIC Medical, Inc. is intended for the removal of obstructions in the peripheral arteries. This mechanical system is comprised of the Prodigy catheter, the Prodigy HotShot™ controller, and the Prodigy Twist™ device. The Prodigy catheter’s advanced design brings the right balance between flexibility and pushability to be used in a variety of vascular anatomies. The Prodigy HotShot controller features a unique TruView™ clot capture container and integrated manual controls that put the power of controlled aspiration in the palm of the operator’s hands. Finally, the Prodigy Twist™ device connects with each catheter to optimize clot engagement when needed.

“The Twist design is very effective, safe to open the arteries, giving us a new way to treat blockages in the legs,” explained Dr. Veerina.

Vascular thrombosis can result in a wide range of clinical events that, left untreated, can result in acute limb-threatening ischemia (ALI) or critical limb ischemia (CLI). Per the Society for Vascular Surgery, ALI and CLI are associated with increased mortality, risk of amputation, and impaired quality of life.

If you suffer from leg pain, swelling or ulcers, you may have vascular disease or blockages in your legs. Contact CIS to schedule an appointment with a physician near you.



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