CIS is First in the Country to Use New Stent Delivery System to Treat Peripheral Artery Disease

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Pictured from left to right are Shannon Bolter (Biotronik), Dr. Craig Walker, Dr. Matthew Finn and Brice Chauvin (Biotronik).

GRAY, La- Dr. Craig Walker, interventional cardiologist and founder, president and medical director of Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), is the first in the country to use the Pulsar-18 T3 peripheral self-expanding stent system to improve implantation procedures to treat artery blockages in the legs. The procedure took place on August 3 at the CIS Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray, Louisiana with Dr. Matthew Finn, interventional cardiologist, who recently joined the CIS team.

Manufactured by Biotronik, the system’s 4-French size low-profile delivery system decreases the risk of access site complications and reduces the need for closure devices, compared to 6-French devices. The low profile of the stent also allows the operator to inject around the device to assist with accurate placement while using a smaller diameter sheath. Additionally, the unique tri-axial system with braided shaft design enables stable and accurate implantation of the stent. With its thin struts, or supports, and its low chronic outward force on the vessel wall, the Pulsar-18 stent reduces the risk of the artery becoming blocked again. The redesigned system also provides physicians with an intuitive and ergonomic wheel-operated handle for one-handed stent release, with enhanced control during deployment.IMG_2717

Dr. Craig Walker with Shannon Bolter, Biotronik Peripheral Marketing Manager. 


“The smaller sheath size of this system expands the delivery and access options to treat our patients, giving them a lower risk of bleeding complications,” said Dr. Walker. “This stent has also been demonstrated to show excellent patency. The tri-axial delivery system allows accurate stent placement and it is incredibly useful in cases using the pedal approach. We are proud to be the first to pilot this beneficial system at the CIS Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray and make it available to our patients.”

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