CIS is First in the State to Use New Insertable Cardiac Monitor

Abbott Assert IQ ICM

Pictured from left to right are Summer Gaudet, RT; Mike Fernald, Abbott CRM; Dr. Robert Drennan; John Lesage, RN; Steven Saale, Cath Lab Director; and Jim Overholt, Abbott CRM.

BATON ROUGE – Dr. Robert Drennan, electrophysiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), is the first in the state to implant the Assert-IQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor, with advanced algorithms, remote programmability, and the world’s longest battery life. The first procedure was performed on June 12 at Baton Rouge General Medical Center.

The Assert-IQICM is an advanced state-of-the-art, slim Bluetooth®-enabled insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) that is placed under the skin near the heart where it helps doctors monitor people’s heart rhythms long-term. Assert-IQ offers the world’s longest battery lifeof at least three or six years to provide doctors a new level of flexibility in diagnostic monitoring. The device is designed to remain connected to a transmitter—usually the person’s own cell phone—where it checks heart rhythms every 20 seconds, transmitting results automatically to the clinic’s portal. The Assert-IQ ICM also offers advanced diagnostic capabilities to provide physicians with more clinically relevant information about the cardiovascular health of the patient, allowing care providers to make clinical decisions faster. Overall, this innovative device by Abbott delivers clinically actionable data, clearer electrograms, and intelligent diagnostics all in a longer-lasting device.

Irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmias, may be fleeting, making diagnosis challenging in many patients. Insertable cardiac monitors are designed to provide constant, real-time monitoring of a person’s heart to detect and identify arrhythmias that can lead to symptoms such as frequent fainting, irregular pulse and shortness of breath.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve our ability to monitor our patients,” said Dr. Drennan. “The new Abbott Assert-IQ device provides added diagnostics and improved battery life, allowing us to gather more information for a longer period of time."

Additionally, some models of the Assert-IQ ICM family can be remotely programmed allowing the clinician to adjust the settings of the connected device, optimize performance and limit unnecessary alerts or transmissions – all without requiring the patient to visit the clinic.

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