CIS is First to Use Distal Band at Baton Rouge General

BATON ROUGE- Dr. Satish Gadi, interventional cardiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South, is the first at Baton Rouge General Medical Center (BRG) to perform a left heart cath procedure through the right distal radial artery using the PreludeSYNC Distal band from Merit Medical for hemostasis.  The procedure was performed on February 11. 

The PreludeSYNC band is the first-of-its-kind dedicated distal radial compression device.  Utilizing this band significantly brings more comfort to the patient, allowing full movement of the wrist and the hand during the recovery process.  It also eliminates the need to lay flat for hours following the procedure, encouraging faster recovery and earlier discharge, which is beneficial to both the patient and the facility. IMG_1789

Pictured from left to right are: Don Tillman R.T., Chad Clement R.T., Ben Schuler RN, BSN, Dr. Satish Gadi, Rayne Hurley R.T. and Jodi Badeaux R.T.

“Innovation in the field of cardiology is moving in a direction that promotes safety to our patients and our staff,” said Dr. Gadi.  “This is a great accomplishment for our program, and I am pleased to be a part of it.” 

“I am extremely pleased our program has taken a step towards improved patient care that protects the safety of our cardiologists and cardiovascular team,” said Ben Schuler, catheterization lab director for CIS at BRG.  “It’s great to have a product designed specifically for distal radial access.”

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