CIS is First to Use New Stent in South Louisiana

BATON ROUGE- This morning at Baton Rouge General, CIS interventional cardiologists, Dr. Charles Thompson and Dr. Satish Gadi, were the first in South Louisiana to utilize a new stent technology to treat coronary artery disease.IMG_1996.jpg

The flexible TRYTON Side Branch Stent is specially designed to fit the shape of a blocked main heart artery that also has a blockage located in the side branch of the heart.  It is delivered to the artery via a balloon delivery catheter and is used in conjunction with a conventional drug-eluding stent implanted in the main vessel.  Stenting of the main branch is the current standard of care, but in many cases the side branch is not stented, leaving it vulnerable to complications, such as future blockages leading to emergency stent placement.

“This new stent allows patients with this particular type of case to avoid bypass surgery and simply have an outpatient procedure in the cath lab where they can go home that day,” said Dr. Charles Thompson.  “This means a quicker recovery time and more time with their family.”

Coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S. in both men and women, often results in the buildup of plaque at a site where one artery branches from another, also known as a bifurcation.  Approximately 20-30% of all patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions to open blocked arteries have a bifurcation lesion. 

The TRYTON Side Branch Stent is a cobalt chromium stent based on Tri-ZONE® technology engineered to provide complete lesion coverage and more predictable patient outcomes.  In February 2017, the TRYTON Side Branch Stent became the first dedicated bifurcation stent to receive regulatory approval in the U.S.  It is manufactured by Tryton Medical and distributed by Cordis.  For more information, visit

To schedule an appointment with a CIS cardiologist, call CIS in Baton Rouge at 225-308-0247 or CIS in Zachary at 225-654-1559.

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