CIS & Lafayette General Are First to Use New Device for Heart Failure

LAFAYETTE— Drs. Marc Saadand Siby Ayalloore, cardiologists at Cardiovascular Institute of the South, are the first in the region and second in the state to implant the new MultiPoint Pacing device at Lafayette General Medical Center. 

MultiPoint pacing technology is designed to deliver electrical pulses MultiPoint Pacing deviceto multiple locations within the left side of the heart to resynchronize contraction of the heart’s lower chambers (ventricles).  It may also increase a heart failure patient’s response to cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) by increasing the amount of cardiac tissue being stimulated at one time.  Additionally, it may reduce the need for costly and invasive procedures to readjust the placement of the thin wires, called leads, around the heart.  MultiPoint Pacing enables the device to pace at two left ventricular sites almost simultaneously or within a few milliseconds of one another. Previous studies have shown that activating more ventricular tissue quickly can enhance heart muscle performance.

“Multipoint pacing is an advancement in chronic resynchronization therapy where we will be able to incorporate more of the heart muscle into our pacing and thus see more patients respond to the therapy as well as have an improved response to the therapy,” said Dr. Marc Saad.

According to the American Heart Association, CRT can improve the heart’s efficiency at pumping blood to the body and can lessen symptoms of heart failure, including shortness of breath. However, even with effective placement of the leads around the heart, therapy can be unpredictable and ineffective for some patients. The goal of MultiPoint Pacing technology is to allow physicians to program the device to capture more left-ventricular tissue at one time by pacing at multiple locations in the heart, increasing the number of patients who benefit from this type of therapy.  

Studies have shown that CRT can improve the quality of life for many patients with heart failure.  MultiPoint Pacing technology, from global medical device manufacturer St. Jude Medical, is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for commercial use in the U.S. For more information, visit

"CIS and St. Jude have always been at the forefront of medical technology,” said Dr. Siby Ayalloore.


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