CIS & Opelousas General Use New Closure Device

Physicians at Opelousas General Health System (OGHS) and Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) are among the first to use a new revolutionary closure device, Vascade, at the catheterization lab at OGHS, which has been chosen as one of five expert training sites for installation of the device.

Vascade, manufactured by Cardiva Medical Inc., has been the closingOpelousas.jpg device of choice at OGHS for the past three years.  The device is used to close punctures in the femoral artery during a catheterization procedure in the cath lab.  A sheath is placed inside the femoral artery to gain access to the area needing treatment.  Once a patient is treated, the sheath is removed from the artery, leaving the puncture origin open.  Vascade serves as a plug that closes the puncture wound, thus stopping internal and external bleeding.  The closure device eventually dissolves, leaving no residual damage to the artery.

“This device causes less discomfort to the patient when compared to other closure products,” explained Nick Trahan, director of the cardiac cath lab at OGHS.  “It reduces the risk for post-procedural complications such as excessive bleeding, which can lead to a drop in heart rate or blood pressure.”

Opelousas General Health System was chosen as a training facility for this device because of the expertise of the interventional cardiologists and catheterization technologists on staff, and also because of its low complication rates compared to other facilities across the nation.  As a training site, Opelousas General welcomes cath lab staff from all over the country once or twice a month to observe how the device is used.

“In our ongoing commitment to providing excellent health care, the most important factor of this device is that patients will have little to no complications, allowing them to return home sooner.  Their satisfaction and comfort is our priority,” said Dr. Robert Menuet, interventional cardiologist with CIS.

Recently, radiology technicians from Chicago, Illinois visited OGHS to be trained on using the Vascade closure device.  “The process and staff work like a well-oiled machine,” said Bryan Kowalski, one of the technicians.  “The staff was very accommodating and extremely skilled in using Vascade.”

Chris Horton, representative for Cardiva Medical, Inc., said, “It is an honor to work with CIS interventional cardiologists, Drs. Robert Menuet, Kalyan Veerina, Bryan Waits, and Kris Lindsay, as they utilize the latest technologies for their patients at Opelousas General Health System.  We are excited to bring medical associates from around the country to Opelousas for these highly-skilled physicians and cath lab staff to train them on our next generation closure device and improve the patient experience.”

About Cardiva Medical, Inc.:  Cardiva Medical, Inc. designs and develops vascular access management products that facilitate rapid hemostasis following diagnostic and interventional endovascular procedures. Since its founding, Cardiva has introduced a series of advanced vascular access management technologies designed to help the body heal itself.  Cardiva Medical, Inc. is a privately-held company funded by leading venture capital investors, including PTV Sciences, Canepa Advanced Healthcare Fund, L.P, Amkey Ventures LLC and TriVentures. Cardiva was presented the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company Award, which recognizes entrepreneurial excellence in the U.S. angioplasty and vascular closure device markets.


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