Patient Standards of Behavior 

  • I will refrain from actions or language that may be perceived to be discriminatory in nature as it relates to race, gender, national origin, or physical appearance.
  • I will refrain from rude, threatening, or demeaning comments or behavior towards my care team or fellow patient.
  • I will demonstrate courtesy and appropriateness towards my care team AND fellow patients while in a CIS facility.
  • I will be appropriate in my language, tone, and interactions with my care team and fellow patients while in a CIS facility.
  • I will abide by request related to public health and safety for example;  not smoking, wearing a mask, being forthright in answering questions related to my health
  • I will refrain from using profanity in any CIS area during my visit.
  • I will be an active participant in my plan of care and be respectful of the request of my care team.