Discover the Excellent Features of Our New Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray, LA

006Our New Ambulatory Surgery Center In Louisiana

Cardiovascular Institute of the South’s ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in Gray, Louisiana is the first of its kind in the region. Our new Ambulatory Surgery Center serves the role of offering our patients some of the most advanced, innovative outpatient procedures using the latest and greatest technologies. With high-quality and cost-effective care in a convenient, comfortable, and safe environment, CIS is the name you can trust in ambulatory or outpatient procedures. 

How Our Ambulatory Surgery Center Can Help You

Our newest Ambulatory Surgery Center in Louisiana creates the opportunity for us to provide more convenient outpatient services for our patients. This new facility includes two outpatient cath labs, two ultrasound rooms, patient exam rooms, and a recovery area. This means having a new, comfortable facility and the opportunity for a quick recovery time and discharge. Our new facility features a range of outpatient services including the following:

Comprehensive Vein Center

CIS physicians are among the most renowned venous disease specialists in the nation. About 15 percent of adults in America have venous disease, which is caused by abnormal veins. When vein vessels become damaged or weak, blood flows backwards and causes the veins to stretch, swell and twist. Our new Ambulatory Surgery Center in Louisiana offers comprehensive vein treatment for venous disease with a variety of in-clinic procedure options.

Leg Pain Specialists

Our new Ambulatory Surgery Center in Louisiana offers services from leg pain specialists who can help with a wide range of vascular conditions in the legs, such as peripheral artery disease, venous diseases, and more. Our team of specialists offers compassionate care paired with the latest technology available to provide our patients the quality of treatment they deserve. 

Cardiovascular Clinic

Cardiovascular Institute of the South’s ASC is a fully equipped cardiovascular clinic in its ability to treat patients. Patients experience a quick check-in process—merely seconds—in a friendly environment and the very best technology in cardiovascular care. Even though this facility is brand new, patients can expect the same high level of care that they have come to expect from us at CIS.

Outpatient Cath Lab

Our outpatient cath lab is where our doctors perform minimally invasive tests and procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. 

Including an outpatient cath lab in our new ambulatory surgery center in Louisiana was central to our mission at CIS; improving patient access, comfort, and convenience as well as decreasing cost and risk of infection. That’s why we offer a state-of-the-art ASC and office-based lab equipped with the best available imaging, treatment tools, and staff available.

Your Ambulatory Surgery Center in Louisiana

When it comes to your cardiovascular care, you deserve the best care possible. And CIS is dedicated to helping you feel better and improving your quality of life. Call to schedule a consultation with a cardiology specialist at our brand new Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray, Louisiana. Or if you’re not in the area, visit our locations page to find a CIS specialist near you. Like many health conditions, it’s important to get care as soon as possible. Prioritize your health and schedule an appointment today.

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