CIS Patient Suffering from Severe Leg Pain Finds Relief

Janie Coleman & Dr. Joransen 3

Meridian Patient Janie Coleman & Dr. Scott Joransen

Janie Coleman, 64, has always suffered from Raynaud's disease, a rare condition that causes blood vessels to narrow, making fingers and toes turn blue when cold. For the past year, she saw several physicians seeking help for the lack of circulation in her feet and toes. Her condition was worsening, and she had gangrene on two of her toes.

“I was in pain 24/7, and sometimes I didn’t even go to sleep for two to three days,” she explained. “I couldn’t even sleep in my bed. I stayed on the sofa, sitting up with feet on floor to try to get one or two hours of sleep because I couldn’t stand the pressure when I would lie down. I did that for four months.”

Coleman also stated that she couldn’t even wear shoes, much less walk or stand. The doctors she visited advised that she would need to remove her toes due to a lack of blood flow. But she felt she needed another opinion. “They wanted to take all of my toes off, but I knew that would lead to more amputations down the road,” she said.

Coleman was referred to Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), where she underwent diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds to determine the extent of her blockages. Dr. Scott Joransen, interventional cardiologist at CIS, performed a series of procedures to restore circulation to her feet and toes.

“Immediately, I felt relief as the blood started circulating and the blood starting flowing!” Afterwards, Dr. Joransen showed her a printout of the before and after of her blood circulation, which now showed full circulation down to her toes.

Since then, based on damage already done to her foot, she had to have one small toe removed and the tip of a big toe removed. But it’s all healing well and she is very pleased with her result.

“CIS got my blood back circulating, and Dr. Joransen saved my life!” She advises that anyone facing a similar circulation problem get a second opinion. “If you are in this situation, go through your options and get help before having your feet or toes removed,” she urged.

Coleman can now wear shoes and drive again. She can walk on her own at the grocery store without needing an electric cart. She is even able to get better rest. “Now I can sleep all night and sometimes half of the morning. I guess I’m trying to catch up!” she laughed.

She recognizes that her unfortunate story turned around, and she is very appreciative to Dr. Joransen and the team at CIS for giving her quality of life back.

“I’m doing really well, and it’s because the whole team is just awesome. They all take such good care of me.”

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