An In-Clinic Vein Procedure Can Make All the Difference: Patti's Story


Patti Carr & Dr. Scott Joransen at CIS in Meridian

Patti Carr, 73 of Lawrence, Mississippi, was facing excruciating leg pain every day. Her struggle began 30 years prior when she first noticed swelling in her legs. Over time, the problem worsened, particularly in her left leg. “Sometimes it was so bad you couldn’t tell where my leg ended and foot started,” she explained. “I was in really deep pain. I’d have bruises and bleeding sometimes too. It affected my entire leg.” She wore compression stockings to get some relief, but that wasn’t fixing the root of the problem.

Patti had been a long-term patient of CIS cardiologist Dr. Dale Touchstone at the CIS Meridian clinic, and following his retirement, she began seeing Dr. Scott Joransen. He recommended an innovative in-clinic procedure that utilizes a special catheter to deliver a medicated foam directly to the affected vein. “It was an excellent experience,” she said. “They explained everything that was going to happen as it happened, and after the ablation, they called to check on me. I only had a tiny bit of swelling for 3-4 days, but you could tell it was going down. It was a real treat to go back to see Dr. Joransen and be able to show him that I actually had ankles again!” she laughed.

Six months after the procedure, Patti recognizes significant improvements in her health, extending beyond her legs. Her blood pressure has improved from medication adjustments by Dr. Joransen. She is comfortable being on her feet again, and this increased mobility has led to weight loss. “I get around much better in the house, and I have been able to do more cooking, which of course my husband likes! You should do the best you can with what you have to work with!”

Patti & Dr. Joransen

Patti is thankful to Dr. Joransen and the CIS team for the care she received, as it truly transformed her life. “They have a great team,” she said. “They are all supportive of their patients, and it makes a big difference.” As a part of her plan of care, Patti is also participating in the CIS Cardio@Home program to manage her chronic conditions conveniently from home. She emphasized the benefits of the program, saying “My CIS nurse calling directly is a huge help. It gives me more insight into my own health and improves my quality of life.”

Patti’s journey to improve her health and regain her mobility is a testament to the power of perseverance and innovative care. CIS cardiologists are here to help, providing personalized care and solutions that can make all the difference.


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