Benefits of Chronic Care Management for Heart Patients

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Whether a patient is having a routine check-up or undergoing a major medical procedure, clear communication with their healthcare team is vital to achieving the best outcome. Studies have repeatedly shown that patients who enjoy clear and frequent communication with their physicians are more likely to follow recommendations, monitor their condition, and avoid complications. And, while this is certainly important for all patients, it is especially important for those managing a chronic health condition.

How Does Chronic Care Management Work?

Chronic care management (CCM) programs like the one provided by Cardiovascular Institute of the South, focus on enhancing patient / provider communication, even when a face-to-face visit isn't an option. For every patient participating in the program, there is a unique, personalized plan to address their specific health concerns, as well as multiple options for communication with their healthcare team. Whether there is a question regarding symptoms, medication, or any other medical concern, patients have the ability to select the method that is most convenient for them from options such as phone call, text, video, or email. In turn, they find it far simpler to get the answers they need, and are therefore more likely to seek them.

Patient Benefits of Chronic Care Management

When it comes down to it, a good chronic care management program can make a significant impact on a patient's recovery and overall health through benefits such as:

  • Convenient access to your CIS physician and CCM care team through a designated phone number
  • Increased communication to help improve overall care coordination
  • 24/7 access to our CIS care team
  • Ability to offer other forms of communication such as texting, video or emailing for quick and easy access
  • Helps to improve quality of life by offering unique services such as social services and dietary support
  • Helps to reduce hospital admissions or readmissions
  • Reduces the need for frequent travel to doctor visits or unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Frequent medication review for patient safety
  • Continuity of care through your designated nurse navigator
  • More cost-effective option to manage your health

Enroll in the CIS Chronic Care Management Program

If you suffer from a chronic condition like atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease or high cholesterol and have been a CIS patient within the past year, the CCM program may be right for you. The first step is to request enrollment yourself or through your physician. Once your candidacy for the program has been verified, an initial appointment will be set and your care program designed. To learn more about the CCM program and if it may be right for you, click the button below.

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