Cardiac Rehabilitation: Ideal Candidates & Benefits

cardiac rehab

Following most major medical events or surgeries, rehabilitation is a vital component of recovery. Patients who have suffered traumatic accidents or undergone joint replacements may spend weeks regaining their strength and independence through physical or occupational therapy. While you may not immediately think of rehabilitation for cardiovascular health, the benefits these same types of services can bring to those who have had a heart attack, been diagnosed with heart disease, or who suffer from any form of cardiovascular condition are astounding.

Who Should Consider Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Much thought is given to the steps we should take to care for our hearts in order to prevent a problem. However, it is equally important to understand what should be done to optimally recover after a problem has occurred. Cardiac rehab offers many benefits to patients suffering from a vast range of heart conditions. Among the most common to receive rehabilitative care are:

What are the Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation?

For patients who do pursue cardiac rehabilitation, the benefits are immense. Programs such as CIS' Intensive Cardiac Rehab focus on three specific areas to help patients regain their strength, health and sense of normalcy: lifestyle changes, nutrition, and exercise. By combining all three, those who have previous suffered or are in danger of suffering cardiac events can experience powerful changes, such as:

  • Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Improved circulation
  • Speedier recovery times
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved overall quality of life

How to Begin an Intensive Cardiac Rehab Program

If you believe that your own cardiovascular health can benefit from a cardiac rehabilitation program, speak with your physician. Our intensive cardiac rehab program at CIS requires a physician referral before treatment can begin. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our cardiologists.

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