Don’t Ignore Heart Health Because Of COVID-19

COVID Heart Symptoms

For several weeks, the coronavirus, or COVID-19, has drastically impacted the day-to-day lives of Americans. In Louisiana, a strong surge of cases and a higher than average death rate has led to expanded measures, including a thorough stay-at-home order and reduction of non-essential business operations. Naturally, the pervasiveness of the virus and these orders have left many uncertain of which activities are safe and wise to pursue, including trips to the doctor. Some may even go so far as to ignore symptoms for fear of contracting COVID-19.

Heart Disease is Still a Serious Health Threat

While we understand feeling hesitant to visit a medical office and respect coronavirus for the serious health threat it can be, we must also keep in mind that heart disease is a very real and potentially deadly threat as well. Every 37 seconds, an American dies from heart disease. Ignoring potentially dangerous heart-related symptoms and neglecting care for existing conditions is simply not an option that anyone can afford.

CIS is Taking Steps to Keep You Safe

Because the CIS team does understand your concern and is also committed to protecting the health (both cardiovascular and otherwise) of our patients, important safety measures have been put into place. These measures help ensure the lowest possible COVID-19 risk for anyone who may enter any CIS location. Proactive steps our staff continue to take include:

  • Screening all patients and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their appointment and again upon arrival
  • Limiting visitors to one per patient
  • Patients can check into their appointment from a mobile device in their car and will be notified when their provider is ready, avoiding the need to sit in the lobby
  • Continuing to practice social distancing in the clinic
  • Requiring all guests to wear a face mask when visiting a clinic and furnishing them as needed
  • Conducting rigorous cleaning after each patient in exam rooms, diagnostic testing areas, bathrooms and labs—following all CDC guidelines
  • Continuing to wear Personal Protective Equipment and always washing our hands before and after every patient interaction. All employees are screened before work each day.
  • Frequently cleaning door handles, countertops, telephones and other clinic equipment throughout the day.

Virtual Cardiology Appointments are Still Available

In addition to the above safety measures, the CIS care team remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the CIS Virtual Care Center to respond to patient questions and concerns.  CIS also continues to offer virtual video visits for patients who are unable to come into the clinic. However, in most cases, an in-person appointment is still necessary to properly evaluate and treat a condition.

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