How to Help Your Loved One Quit Smoking

quit smokingWhen it comes to quitting smoking, there is no shortage of information available. You can find research studies and articles on everything from how to quit to the bodily damage smoking can cause. What's less simple to find, however, is sound advice on how to support and encourage someone to quit smoking when that person isn't you.

Seeing someone you care for jeopardize their health by smoking is difficult. You may have tried to pleading with them to quit or even offered a bribe or two. Sadly, despite the best of intentions, these methods won't get you very far. The choice to quit smoking is one that has to come from the smoker, and while this decision can be influenced by outside forces, it is only they that can make the ultimate decision. Still, that isn't to say that you can't help. You just have to be selective in doing so. Here are a few ways that you can encourage or support a loved one who is on the path to giving up smoking.

Tips to Help a Smoker Quit

  1. Ask What They Need - Don't assume you know what your loved one needs from you during this time, even if you've been in their shoes before. No matter how well-intentioned, if you offer help that isn't wanted, it won't do either of you any good. Instead, ask how you can be supportive and if there is anything needed that you can provide.
  2. Believe in Them - One of the best things you can do for someone who is attempting to quit smoking is show them that you believe they can do it. When those around you doubt your ability to succeed, it can make reaching success that much harder. In all likelihood, this isn't their first attempt. In fact, research shows that it takes smokers an average of 30 attempts before they are successful at quitting. So, no matter which number this time may be, make sure to tell your loved one that you know they can do it.
  3. Acknowledge Their Success - It may only be one less cigarette than yesterday, but no matter how small the win may seem, be sure to recognize it. Quitting doesn't often happen all at once, and having a cheerleader in their corner as they tackle this overwhelming task can make all the difference.

Quitting Smoking in Louisiana and Mississippi

Kicking the smoking habit can be incredibly difficult, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. The road to living a smoke-free life is different for everyone, but regardless of who you are or your journey so far, having the right resources and support can greatly increase your odds of success. Commit to Quit is a smoking cessation program operating in conjunction with the healthcare professionals at Cardiovascular Institute of the South. Together, we provide resources from prescription medication to one-on-one counseling to group support. No matter what it takes for you to quit, our team can help. To learn more about the program, click the button below, and get started on your own journey to living a healthier, smoke-free life.

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