CIS Celebrates 10 Years in Baton Rouge

672A9927-smallBATON ROUGE, LA - Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is celebrating 10 years of providing world-class cardiovascular care to the Baton Rouge community.

The CIS clinic in Baton Rouge first opened on January 10, 2011 at 7941 Picardy Avenue. In December of 2013, the clinic moved up the road to 8401 Picardy Avenue, where major renovations were just completed last year. The expansion includes six ultrasound rooms, a cardiac PET scanner, an expanded stress lab, 24 total exam rooms, a 3,000+ square foot lobby and a covered drive-through entrance. CIS employs about 50 team members in Baton Rouge, as well as physicians Dr. Amit Patel, Dr. Satish Gadi, Dr. Garland Green, Dr. Robert Drennan, Dr. Charisse Ward and Dr. Niksad Abraham.


From left to right: Dr. Niksad Abraham, Dr. Charisse Ward, Dr. Amit Patel, Dr. Satish Gadi, Dr. Garland Green, and Dr. Robert Drennan

“Ten years ago, CIS opened in Baton Rouge with the goal of expanding access to world-class cardiovascular care here in the Capital Region,” said Dr. Patel, who was the first physician to join CIS Baton Rouge in 2011. “Not only have we accomplished that, but our team has expanded and our facility is well-equipped to continue that mission. Our patients are like family, and each of us here at CIS is honored to continue to serve this area with leading-edge care.”

To schedule an appointment at CIS in Baton Rouge, call 225-308-0247 or click here. 


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