3 Ways the CIS Virtual Care Center is Advancing Cardiology Care

vivifyhealth-connect-kit-allFor many patients, a visit to their physician’s office for every question, concern, or even monitoring of an existing condition is not always a possibility.   Not only can it be a time-consuming process that requires time taken away from work and other responsibilities, some patients may have to travel significant distances or find reliable transportation.  These hindrances may lead to missed or postponed appointments which could eventually have a profound impact on their health. 

Cardiovascular Institute of the South has long focused on bringing the best in cardiovascular care to those who may not otherwise have immediate access.  Now, with a vast world of technological advances at our fingertips, we are finding new ways to keep this legacy going with our Virtual Care Center (VCC), a suite of specialized programs using state of art technology to improve healthcare access and communication between patients and physicians.  Here are just three types of programs we currently offer:

On Demand Cardiology Care

When a cardiology patient has questions concerning their care, the answers need to be given quickly and ideally from medical professionals who have access to their specific health records.  For this reason, our VCC now includes Cardio OnDemand, a program available to Louisiana patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No matter the day or time, when a CIS patient has questions, they can get immediate answers from a staff of nurses and nurse practitioners as quickly as possible.

Cardiology Telemedicine

Rural hospitals and medical practices do not always have immediate access to specialists such as cardiologists.  Therefore, CIS is now using the growing telemedicine trend to bring our world-renowned cardiologists to remotely-located facilities.  Through this Telecardiology program, physicians can provide their patients with audiovisual cardiology consultations at a moment’s notice wherever they are needed, from the ER to the exam room.

Remote Cardiology Monitoring from Home

Research consistently shows that better communication between physicians and patients equals better medical outcomes and lower hospital readmission rates.  However, a typical patient is unable to keep their doctor continually updated regarding the status of their condition.  That’s where Cardio@Home can help.  The program provides patients with the tools needed for a team of providers, including cardiologists and nurses, to monitor their health remotely.  Furthermore, the program can also be used to integrate loved ones who are able to provide additional support and care.

These three important programs are only a portion of our growing Virtual Care Center.  To learn more about all the ways CIS and the suite of VCC programs can help you, click the button below.  Need an in-person visit with one of our cardiologists?  Find the physician or CIS clinic location that is best for you, and request an appointment.

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